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Dr. Nora Fayed BScH, MScOT, PhD, OT Reg. (Ont.)
Dr. Nora  Fayed
Assistant Professor
Contact Info
Contact information: Louise D. Acton Building, Room 224
Internal telephone extension: 36101
External telephone: 533-6101

Profile Summary

Dr. Fayed’s areas of expertise are: (i) determinants and predictors of quality of life among children with chronic health conditions, (ii) child and parent patient-reported outcome and experience measures (PROMs/PREMs) and (iii) application of the WHO International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) to child health services research. In addition, she has clinical experience in driver rehabilitation, and feeding obtained from Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation in Toronto.

Her approach to research was applied in the context of the prestigious Marie Curie European Union Fellowship at the [former] ICF Research Branch of the World Health Organization in Munich Germany from 2008-2009. Upon completion of PhD (2011), she obtained 3 years of CIHR funded postdoctoral fellowship 2012-2015 held at University Health Network Division of Health Care and Outcomes and McMaster Department of Pediatrics. Canadian Child Health Scientist Career Enhancement Award, the Micheal deGroote Fellowship Award were also held.

Research Program

There is a strong need in service provision to understand what is important to children with chronic health needs and measure it. Good measurement tools are essential to moving health care innovations forward but they also have to include the types of things that will have an impact on children’s lives.

“Everything that Counts” is a research program dedicated to learning about what is important to children growing up with chronic health conditions then finding and implementing measures to capture what matters.

Research Team

       Graduate Students:

Samantha NoyekSam is a PhD student in the Rehabilitation Science program studying methods of obtaining patient-reported outcome (PROM) data from children with medical complexity.


Research area: Emotional wellbeing of children with medical complexity (CMC). Patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) for children youth and caregivers, methods of obtaining self-report from children with communication impairments.



• PhD Student, Rehabilitation Science, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
• MSc in Global Health, McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada (2017) 
• BSc in Psychology, Western University, London, Canada (2016)


Supervisors: Nora Fayed & Claire Davies

Eshetu Haileselassie EngedaEshetu is a PhD student and Assistant Professor of paediatric nursing at the University of Gondar in Ethiopia. He has an extensive background in child health nursing education and research, including involvement in the Nursing Education Partnership Initiative (NEPI) as a principal investigator and project manager. Eshetu has published a number of scholarly articles in peer-review journals and has participated in various international scientific conferences.


Research area: Health related quality of life (QOL) among children and adolescents with cancer.



• PhD Student, Rehabilitation Science, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
• MSc in Pediatrics Nursing, University of Gondar, Ethiopia (2013) 
• BSc in Clinical Nursing, University of Gondar, Ethiopia (2009)


Supervisors: Nora Fayed


Samantha NoyekMalcolm is an MSc student in the Rehabilitation Science program interested in quality of life of young people with disabilities. As part of his military family upbringing, Malcolm lived in Scotland, Germany and England.


Research area: Child and family engagement in the measurement of health and quality of life.



• MSc Student, Rehabilitation Science, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada
• BA in Health Studies, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada (2017)


Supervisors: Nora Fayed

Samantha NoyekLindsey is a DSc student in the Rehabilitation and Health Leadership program with previous senior leadership roles in two community hospitals, the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre and Scarborough Hospital. She currently works at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital with the mandate to redesign Ambulatory Care. Lindsey also is a board member at Sherbourne Health in Toronto where she chairs the Quality Committee and co-leads its strategic planning process.


Research area: Partnerships between health care practitioners, researchers, and patients to improve the transfer of evidence into practice.



• DSc Student, Rehabilitation and Health Leadership, Queen's University, Kingston, Canada 
• MHSc in Health Administration, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada (1993) 
• BSc in Physical Therapy, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada (1987)


Supervisors: Nora Fayed

       Patient Researchers:

She has a background in nursing that she brings to her role as a mother of a child with medical complexity. She is completing her master's in Public Health.

She has a clinical experience in occupational therapy, which she brings to her role as a full time mom to her daughter with medical complexity.


  1. Patient Engaged Outcomes for Children with Medical Complexity and their Caregivers
  2. Caregiver Important Outcomes in PICU
  3. Developing Patient Reported Experience Measures for Children with Complex Health Conditions and their Caregivers

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