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Graduate Diploma, Master of Science and Doctoral Programs

Queen’s University Graduate Diploma (GDip), Master of Science (MSc) and Doctorate (PhD) in Aging and Health are innovative programs that provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of aging, with a focus on health and healthy living. Students will develop multi-disciplinary knowledge of individual aging processes, the effect of aging on social systems, and the policies needed to support healthy aging.

All three programs have been designed to be completed at a distance by working professionals. The programs are offered full-time, through a blended format of online learning and short onsite sessions.

The intensive onsite sessions introduce students to core courses and the elearning technology, as well as provide an opportunity for in-person interaction with faculty and fellow class members. Elective courses are completed at a distance, online. The blended format of onsite intensives and online components couples networking and experiential opportunities with the flexibility of distance learning.

The Queen’s University GDip, MSc and PhD in Aging and Health position graduates for success in a variety of settings that serve the growing population of older adults including government, for-profit and non-profit organizations and healthcare settings. Students in the PhD program will also be prepared for positions in research, and academia.

The GDip and MSc are open to applicants who have graduated from any four year undergraduate program, or equivalent, with an overall B+ average. For admission to the PhD program, applicants should have a master's degree in a related discipline.

Why choose Queen's Aging and Health?

  • Learn from faculty with expertise in aging and health from disciplines including: Nursing, Urban Planning, Theology, Family Medicine, Geography, Occupational and Physical Therapy.
  • Select your electives and tailor your final project or thesis to meet career aspirations.
  • Enjoy the support of executive-style learning in a program that includes onsite costs.
  • Qualify for advanced standing in the MSc in Aging and Health by first completing the GDip.

Core Courses

  • AGHE 800 - Evaluating Aging-Related Programs and Services (MSc only)
  • AGHE 802 - Ethics and Aging
  • AGHE 811 - Issues in Aging and Health
  • AGHE 898 - Master's Project (MSc only)
  • AGHE 901 - Knowledge Translation and Uptake  (PhD only)
  • AGHE 903 - Critical Analysis of Theories of Aging  (PhD only)

Sample Electives

  • AGHE 804 - Health and Social Systems for Older Adults
  • AGHE 812 - Religion, Spiritual Health and Aging
  • AGHE 814 - Mobility and Functioning amongst Older Adults
  • AGHE 818 - Rethinking Aging and Dying
  • AGHE 819 - Planning for Age Friendly Communities
  • AGHE 820 - Developing Educational Resources for Older Adults
  • AGHE 821 - Aging and Mental Health