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ICACBR Past Project Listing

Access to Health and Education for All Children and Youth with Disabilities in Bangladesh (AHEAD)

Global Affairs Canada

Interprofessional Project on Disability, Maternal and Child Health (IPODMCH)
IPMCHD services introduced at the regional level

Balkans Primary Health Care Policy Project
Achievement of responsive and accountable primary health care

Governance of Social Development/Care Centres In Post-Tsunami Sri Lanka
Aims to improve the quality of life of Sri Lankan communities affected by Tsunami

CBR Development in Republika Srpska (RS), Bosnia and Herzegovina
Since 1993, ICACBR has worked extensively in the Balkans...

Undergraduate Physiotherapy Education in Kosovo
In November 2000, the Interim Health Policy Guidelines for Kosovo was approved...

The Mushkegowuk Territory Community Rehabilitation Aids Project
A collaborative effort of the School of Rehabilitation Therapy at Queen's University

Landmine Victims Peer Counselling Group II in Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH)
Concepts of a peer counselling (PC) program and volunteerism are new for BiH

The Introduction and Development of Community Based Rehabilitation in the Slovakia and in Latvia
Where a large number of elderly and persons with disabilities have been isolated

The Development of CBR in Kosova
This project built on ICACBR's previous project in Kosova

Canada - Latvia Collaboration, Education and Policy Development in Disability
The plan called for improvement in rehabilitation services in three different areas...

Canada-Thailand Collaboration in Technologies for Persons with Disabilities - Phase II
An agreement to enhance the understanding and use of technology for persons with disabilities

Community Based Rehabilitation and Economic Development Project in Guatemala (CBRED)
This project was designed to address the rehabilitation needs of landmine survivors

Emergency Assistance to the Disabled Population in Kosovo, Albania, and Bosnia-Herzegovina
Peer counselling program development was identified as a priority

War Victims Rehabilitation Project in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Aimed to expand ICACBR's work done from 1993-1996 during the CBR Project in Bosnia-Herzegovina

Isabel and Alfred Bader Children's Project
To help persons with disabilities, their families, and their communities

Development of Community Based Rehabilitation Project in Croatia
Understanding of CBR and developing a model consistent with national health and social priorities

Canada Russia Health and Social Development Project
The evaluation of Russian health care systems in the city of Volgograd

Community Based Rehabilitation Project in Bosnia-Herzegovina
Developing rehabilitation services at the community level

Developement of CBR in Non-Government Organizations
CIDA Centre of Excellence Program for the Establishment of ICACBR