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Occupational therapy is a dynamic, growing, and internationally-recognized health profession that for close to a century has been helping to improve the lives and daily experience of children, adults, and communities by focusing on what is fundamental to us all – the daily occupations that give life meaning. As humans we engage in occupation to be productive, to learn, to recreate, and to take care of our most basic needs. Occupation is what gives purpose to our daily lives and connects us to our communities. Occupational therapists are specialists in the use of occupation to prevent disability, restore health, and ensure that all individuals and populations, regardless of health status, can experience full and meaningful lives.

Students in the Occupational Therapy Program learn professional communication skills at the Glaxo-Wellcome Clinical Education Centre. Here, two first year students, Julie and Heather, interview Kristen, a community volunteer, using the Canadian Occupational Performance Measure.

Occupational therapy is a diverse profession, providing opportunities to work with many different populations, in many different work environments. The career prospects for occupational therapists in Canada are exciting. Visit the website of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapy ( to find out more about the practice of occupational therapy in Canada, and around the world.

Here at Queen’s University, we are pleased to offer a graduate level educational program that prepares students to become leaders in occupational therapy practice.
The MScOT Program is 24 months in duration. To be eligible for admission, applicants must hold  a four-year baccalaureate degree or equivalent with a minimum second- class standing from a recognized university. 

We encourage you to become familiar with our MSc(OT) program, the opportunities that exist within our School of Rehabilitation Therapy, and the unique learning environment provided by the Queen’s University community.